Gert Jan Hofstede is an associate professor at social sciences group, Wageningen University and at man-machine interaction group, Delft University, both in the Netherlands. He studies social behaviour in organizations, and evolution of cultures, with the perspective of an evolutionary biologist. He also acts as a speaker and invited lecturer around the world. Gert Jan creates and animates group simulation games with ambiguous incentive systems that allow natural group behaviours to occur in areas such as leadership, negotiation, and trust. He also works on agent-based modelling of ‘Homo biologicus’, including emotions and culture. The book Cultures and Organizations (3rd ed 2010) which he co-authored is a world-wide bestseller.

For more information visit: www.gertjanhofstede.com www.geerthofstede.com or  www.ldi.wur.nl

Nick Degens is a PhD researcher at Wageningen University. His background lies in Artificial Intelligence, Science Communication and Educational Games. Part of his work package is to deliver educational learning scenarios through which players become more culturally sensitive. To create an engaging and adaptive environment for the user, education, agent-based modelling, game design and culture will have to be combined in an effective manner.