Teachers Workshop

The teachers workshops were held at the University of Sunderland on the 4th and 7th of July.
The event had 9 sections with the aim of :

  • Promoting the projects aims and objectives
  •  Piloting of several evaluation tools
  • Create interest within local schools

The initial aim of the workshop was to recruit 10 teachers to attend the workshops, the number achieved was 16. The teachers were from a variety of educational backgrounds and were supported in the workshop by 5 facilitators.
The outcome of the workshops resulted in raising awareness and interest in the project, and making connections with schools who are willing and eager to participate in helping the project reach its’ goals.

Structure of Workshop


This section of the workshop aimed to provide information on the purpose of the project and introduce the scale of the project. In this section the project partners were discussed, informing the teachers of the various partners’ roles.


In order to gain an insight in to the teachers’ perception of culture, the virtual beer garden prototype was shown. This prototype aims to show two extreme cultural dimensions (masculine and feminine). The prototype demonstrates these through a conversation between a Lecturer and Student. After each video was shown a novel evaluation tool in the form of a beer mat was used.

Cultural Dimensions

It was expected that the teachers taking part in the workshop had no previous understanding of Hofstede’s Moral Circle or Cultural Dimensions. A
description of the Moral Circle and Cultural Dimensions was provided. The teachers then compared various differences between countries in Cultural Dimensions found on the official Hofstede website.

Wizards Tea Party

During this section the teachers were shown two of the wizard tea party videos produced by INESC-ID in Portugal. After watching each video two forms of evaluation were to be conducted to illustrate the creativity of the project further, in that evaluation can appear to be seamless and engaging


The workshop also enabled a pilot of the latest version of MIXER. The MIXER comic-based prototype was demonstrated. This has allowed us to
collect data from expert evaluators.

Technology in the Classroom

Adding value to the workshop was the key, due to the time constraints teachers are under at this time of year. This section provided an overview of children’s use of technology and its implication on teaching and learning. It also aimed to provide a quick view of how well teachers understand children’s use of technology. Introducing technology that is currently available not only added value for the workshop participants, but provide a means to encourage further communication between the project and schools. This communication was encouraged through the demonstration of three websites, allowing the creation of stories or the creation of a video through images. Participants were encouraged to share their creations with the project for display on the website.

eCUTE next steps

This section provided an overview of the projects new mascot, it also aimed to extend the relationship made between the workshop participants in a novel engaging way. Workshop participants were introduced to the xMan mascot and asked to visit the site dedicated to the mascot and build its character.
Download the full report here:  D8 4 Teachers and Learner Workshop