The following links provide more information on eCute  events and workshops:

Understanding Difference Workshop

The team at Sunderland held an Understanding Difference Workshop at St. Mary’s School in Sunderland as part of the UK Anti-Bullying week.  The workshop involved a game design workshop in which children learned about how to work together as a team to design and develop a computer game centred around a storyline of overcoming differences.

Understanding Difference Workshop

CMVC Workshop

This workshop was hosted by eCute and brought together an expert panel to discuss how in the present day world, there is an increased interaction between people belonging to different cultures. On one hand these encounters can be useful for bringing cultures closer, but also have the potential of causing unfortunate misunderstandings, which can escalate to all out conflicts. It addressed a number of issues, e.g. how to model intelligent virtual characters so that they are culturally aware, making the interaction with these characters culturally motivated and to evaluate  what are the effects of using cultures in virtual characters

Technical Workshop CMVC Iceland

Cyber-bullying Workshop

Dr Lynne Hall of AIR Research Group and the eCUTE project attended a workshop arranged by the British Computing Society. The workshop title was Multiple Perspectives of Cyber Bullying and was held at the University of Salford in Manchester on 22nd November 2011.

Cyber bullying is a growing problem, with a survey from the UK Department of CHildren, Schools and Families suggestion that up to 34% of 12 to 15 year olds have suffered from abusive emails, text messages or postings on social networking sites.  Approaches to prevent and combat Cyber bullying include developing guidelines for Schools, Government campaigns such as “Safe to Learn”, measures by social networking sites to allow reporting of abuse or inappropriate content, and development of online gaming envirnoments in which children can assume the identity of virtual characters annd learn by participating in scenarios.

Lynne attended the workshop to present her work from a project called eCircus which developed FearNot. FearNot developed strategies for children coping with bullying. More information on eCircus and FearNot can be found here 

Cyber Bullying Workshop

Teachers Workshops

The teachers workshops were held at the University of Sunderland on the 4th and 7th of July.
The event had 9 sections with the following aims of, promoting the projects aims and objectives, piloting of several evaluation tools, and create interest within local schools.

Teachers Workshop

The North East of England Head Teachers Conference

The eCUTE team from Sunderland attended the North East of England Head Teachers Conference, held at Beamish Hall Hotel. eCUTE were disseminating the projects work to date, conducting stakeholder evaluation and looking to recruit schools to take part in evaluation activities.

The North East of England Head Teachers Conference