Novel Interaction

With the intention of improving both engagement and user experience for 9-11 year olds, we used a tablet computer as the interaction device in combination with a pictorial language as interaction modality. The tablet is provided as an extension to a desktop-based system that displays the virtual environment. For interaction, icons are combined by the children to construct sentences for communication with a virtual character, below is an set of icons and their meaning as they appear in the application:


There are four main screens in which the children interact with the tablet computer, the first  allows them to advise the character Tom in MIXER about who is or is not a Werewolf.

Tom sometimes also asks the children if the accusations of the other players are right to help engage the children further in the game.

The next screen allows the children to advise Tom about why they think that person is or isn’t a Werewolf.

The option in which Tom maybe accused of being a  Werewolf are also provided in the icon based language, below is asking the children to advise Tom if he should defend himself and how.