Suggested Progression in Learning

Within the broad learning areas identified it is expected the progression of learning between Key Stage 1 (aged 5-7 year old) and Key Stage 2 (aged 8-11 year old) is:

Pupils should already be able to recognise their own feelings and emotions and how they are affected others by:

  • beginning to recognise, name and manage their own feelings and emotions
  • understanding that emotions and feelings are natural, important and healthy
  • beginning to recognise and manage the effects of strong feelings such as anger, sadness or loss

Pupils should be developing their ability to manage a range of feelings and emotions and feelings demonstrated by themselves and others:

  • by examining and exploring their own and other’s feelings and emotions
  • knowing how to recognise, express and manage feelings in a positive and safe way
  • recognising that feelings and emotions may change at times