Below are links or the downloadable resources used in the evaluation of MIXER:


These forms were approved by the University of Sunderland ethics committee and were used to inform and gain consent from parents and children to participate in the evaluation process.

The Participant Information Sheet (English)

Parent Child Consent/Assent Form (English)


MIXER Software and replacement videos

Due to file restrictions on our server a link to the MIXER and iPad application used within the evaluation process will be provided at a later stage.

The replacement video of a man putting up a tent which was used with the control condition is provided here.

The full version of MIXER which was used with the single interaction condition is available here:

The video only version of MIXER, as used in the passive condition is available at the following location:


The Original Questionnaires

Here are the questionnaires used in the workbooks created for the evaluation.

Bryant Empathy Index (English)

CQS Questionnaire (English)

MESSY Questionnaire (English)


Workbooks and intro scripts

The following scripts was used to introduce each session: Evaluation Scripts.

English Workbooks

Workbook OneWorkbook Two inc. stickersWorkbook Three inc. stickers

German Workbooks

Workbook One, Workbook Two & Stickers for WB2Workbook Three & Stickers for WB3



Here you will find information on how we coded the data from the workbooks, for copies of the blank SPSS (V21) databases contact the project due to file restrictions on our server.

Coding Schemes: Workbook 1Workbook 2Workbook 3

Blank SPSS databases:

Database for workbook 1: 

Database for workbook 2: 

Database for workbook 3: