Classroom Discussion Forum

CDFs are held in all conditions after the completion of Workbook 3. The main themes of the CDF are:

  • the users experience with MIXER
  • The characters
  • and their overall experience with MIXER.


The CDF is conducted in small groups, generally each table group.  The discussion is recorded (audio only) and transcribed after the session.

Themes and example questions and answers include:




Experience of using MIXER


What did you think of MIXER? Most children replied positively “it was good.” some said “it was OK.”
“It would have been better if it had worked.” – a lot of agreement from the other children when this was said.
“It was confusing.” – a lot of children also agreed when this was said.
“It kept breaking.”
Is MIXER like games you normally play? “No.” – all children.

What happened in the story?


What game did they play? All children replied “Werewolves.”
Can anyone remember the rules? Children were able to explain the yellow rule set correctly, and then said that the red team played it wrong/cheated/didn’t play fairly.
Did both teams play with the same rules? All children replied “No.”
Can you explain the difference in the rules? “The red team cheated.”
“The red team played it wrong.”
“The red teams rules weren’t fair because if you made a wrong guess and people didn’t think the same as you, you were out. That’s not fair.”
Did both teams play by the same rules?  “Yellow were fair and played by the rules but the red team changed the rules and said when you choose someone wrong you’re out.”

MIXER Characters


What did you think of the characters in MIXER? “They sound Scottish.”
“They all sound the same.”
“They sound like robots/mechanical.”
“They sound weird.”
“Girls and boys sound the same.”
“They didn’t show any emotion.”
How many characters were there in MIXER? Most children said 11 or 12.
“11, there were 5 in the yellow team and Tom and then 5 in the red team so that makes 11”
Can you name any of the characters? Children named Tom the most, other character names were also given.  The names given were all characters from MIXER i.e. there were no incorrect names given.
Who was the main character? All children gave Tom as the only reply.
Did Tom meet anyone who he didn’t know? All children replied with “The other team.” or “The reds.” or ”The red team”.
Did any of the characters get upset? “Tom was depressed and had anxiety.”
“Tom got upset.”
The most frequent reply was “Tom”.
Why was Tom upset? “The red team cheated.”
“He didn’t like the red teams rules.”
How did Tom feel about that? “Left out.”
Did the Tom upset anybody? All children replied, “No”.
Did Tom react, as you would have expected when playing a game? Not a lot of response to this question. Children who did offer input said, “don’t know” or “I suppose”.  One of the children replied “Its hard to say how he reacted because they didn’t show any different emotions. The characters need to show that they FEEL something” this boy had previously explained that he played computer games a lot and attended a computer game workshop/after school club.
Does anyone else have any comments about the characters? “The yellow team was kind.”
“They were all boring.”
“The voices were not realistic.”
“There was one lady voice and one man voice used for all the girls and the boys.”
“There was not a lot of expression.”
“The way they moved and the faces was not realistic.”
“There should be more in the story about the friends ringing each other up and saying do you want to come and play – we don’t know how they got there.” – (Backstory)

About the workbooks


What did you think of the comics/activity books? “Awesome!” – a lot of agreement.
“They were really good.”
What did you like the best about the comics/activity books? “Making up the story in the first workbook and using the stickers in the others.”
“The word search and spot the difference activities at the end of the workbooks were good too.”
“The comics are a lot about you, it would make it a bit different if the workbooks were more about other people and how other people treat you.”
“It was good to have to think about myself and what I’m like. I never thought about myself and these things like this before.”
“They were kind of the same. They had the same questions in the first one and the last one.”
Are the comics/activity books like the type you have at home? “Yes.”
“Mine at home have more different stories in them.”
Would you like to do another one? “Yes”, full class agreement.