Kyoto University

Professor Toyoaki Nishida is Professor at Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. He received the B.E., the M.E., and the Doctor of Engineering degrees from Kyoto University in 1977, 1979, and 1984, respectively. His research centers on artificial intelligence and human computer interaction. He founded an international workshop series on social intelligence design in 2001. Major works in social intelligence design have been published in several special issues of the AI & Society journal. He opened up a new field of research called conversational informatics in 2003. He collected and compiled representative works in conversational informatics as: Nishida (ed.) Conversational Informatics — An Engineering Approach, Wiley, 2007. Currently, he leads several projects related to social intelligence design and conversational informatics. He serves for numerous academic activities, including the president of JSAI (Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence), an associate editor of the AI & Society journal, an area editor (Intelligent Systems) of the New Generation Computing journal, a technical committee member of Web Intelligence Consortium, and an associate member of the Science Council of Japan

Find details on his research group here.

Sutasinee Thovutikul is a doctoral student at Nishida Lab, Department of Intelligence Science and Technology,
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.
She comes from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She graduated from Chiang Mai University with both a Bachelor and Master degree on Computer Engineering. Her research interest is Artificial Intelligent, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Logic, Computer vision and Digital image processing.
Currently, she is involved in a project in Nishida Lab as part of the doctoral student. The project is related to Artificial intelligence, Virtual Human Interfaces and Culture.


Divesh Lala is currently a second year Masters student in Nishida Lab. Originally from New Zealand, after graduating from the University of Auckland with a B.Com degree in information systems. Divesh’s research interests include artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, in particular using technology to measure and analyze cultural differences. One of Divesh’s long-term goals is to contribute to the field of artificial intelligence by creating virtual entities which both possess cultural attributes and recognize culture both in their environment and in humans. In his spare time, he enjoys listening and playing music and sports.


Andrey Kiselev is a PhD student in the AIIP group. His research covers artificial intelligence, cognitive science and human-computer interactions. Currently he is focusing on integrating emotional communication skills into virtual agents.