Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento (INESC-ID)

Professor Ana Paiva is a research group leader of GAIPS at INESC-ID and an Associate Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon. She is well known in the area of Intelligent Agents, Artificial Intelligence Applied to Education and Affective Computing. After her PhD in the UK (University of Lancaster), she has worked in Germany (in GMD) and in France (CNRS-COAST team at the ENS of Lyon). In 1996 she returned to Portugal where she created a group on intelligent agents and synthetic characters (GAIPS). She co-ordinated the participation of INESC-ID in several European projects, such as the IDEALS (funded under the Telematics program), NIMIS (an I3-ESE project), DiViLab and Safira (IST- 5th Framework), where she was the prime contractor, VICTEC, COLDEX, MindRaces, E-Circus, and LIREC (in the 7th framework).   For more information visit:

Rui Figueiredo is interested in the application of social sciences results in the area of interactive storytelling. In particular, results related to user persuasion.



Samuel Mascarenhas

Samuel Mascarenhas is a a Ph.D. student at GAIPS. Samuel’s main research interest is to study the integration of cultural aspects in agents. This should improve their ability to act with other humans in social contexts, as human cultures are very different in terms of values, norms, symbols, gestures or rituals.  To capture such differences in the way agents behave, a computational model of culture is needed that affects agents’ goals, choices, ways of reacting to the environment, among others. With such model, agents should then be able to adapt and simulate different cultures. This should greatly facilitate the use of agents in interactive applications for inter-cultural training and it can be also very useful for adapting an agent-based application to different cultures.