Understanding Difference Workshop

The team at Sunderland held an Understanding Difference Workshop at St. Mary’s School in Sunderland as part of the UK Anti-Bullying week.  The workshop involved a game design workshop in which children learned about how to work together as a team to design and develop a computer game centred around a storyline of overcoming differences.

Activities involved :

  • The creation of  a team work charter, which raises the children’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities towards each other.
  • The design of a character as part of a persona activity, highlighting the differences between two individual characters.
  • A storyboarding activity in which the children plan out and graphically design a scenario based around conflict resolution between friends.

The children were given a very brief story structure which described two characters who are friends, they have a disagreement and at the end of the story they  are friends again. The children then had to build the story by giving details such as what they did when they were friends, what the disagreement was, and most importantly, how they over come the disagreement to become friends once more.  The activity provided the children with an opportunity to discuss and learn about conflict resolution and understanding difference.

The children were given large poster sized story board templates, sheets of predesigned characters, thought and speech bubble sheets and coloured pens to use to create their story board. One of the completed story boards is shown below.