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The SNARc application was envisioned primarily as a tool for evaluating scenarios.   The app offers a simple convention for authoring an overall scenario definition that can have a branching structure. This structure is then presented to the user, who can click to navigate through it, while inputting text that is captured by the software.

The current version is really a prototype but it has the basic functionality the final version of the app will have.

Notes for the prototype version:

-Scenarios are defined in XML

-A scenario is a list of ‘nodes’ each of which contains text content, a reference to an image and set of navigation options

-The features of the nodes are designed to be optional, if any are missing the software assumes the aren’t to be rendered and hides the appropriate UI components

-Up to six navigation options can be included

-Each node displays a ‘next’ button, which targets the next node in the scenario, unless there are navigation options in which case each option is presented as a button that sends the user to a target node and the ‘next’ button is hidden.

-The users input is captured in XML that references the scenario XML, so the app effectively doesn’t care what the structure or content of the scenario is

-User accounts are temporary, automatic and anonymous. When the software is launched a new anonymous user is created and data is captured with reference to that user. Restarting the app creates a new user and effectively archives the data capture files.


Ongoing development:

The application is being redeployed as a server-side website application allowing the following features:

-Unified login and persistent user data

-Central data gathering

-Platform independence

-Authoring interfaces


-RSS updates