You can download MIXER and TRAVELLER by clicking the name.  The following items are additional applications that have been developed within the eCUTE project.   More information on each item is provided along with the link to download each item from the following pages:


The SNARc application was envisioned primarily as a tool for evaluating   scenarios.   The app offers a simple convention for authoring an overall scenario definition that can have a branching structure. This structure is then presented to the user, who can click to navigate through it, while inputting text that is captured by the software.

SNARc Page


Full Body Interaction Framework (FUBI) is a framework for recognizing full body gestures and postures in real time from the data of an OpenNI-applicable depth sensor, especially the Microsoft Kinect sensor.



This section describes FAtiMA and how characters are authored in FAtiMA. It will explain part of FAtiMA’s functionality that is necessary to understand how the defined emotional reactions, action tendencies, and goals will generate the agent’s behaviour.

FAtiMA Page