Professor Elisabeth André is a full professor of Computer Science at Augsburg University, Germany, and Chair of the Laboratory for Multimedia Concepts and their Applications. Prior to that, she worked as a principal researcher at DFKI GmbH where she has been leading various academic and industrial projects in the area of intelligent user interfaces.



Dr. Birgit Endrass is a researcher at Augsburg University, Germany. For her work experience she completed internships at some well known research institutes: INESC-ID (Lisbon, Portugal), National Institute for Informatics (Tokyo, Japan) and Institute for Creative Technologies (Los Angeles, USA).  In her research, she focuses on the integration of culture-specific behaviors into the behavior models of virtual agents in game-like environments. Her special interest lies on communication management as a part of verbal communication. For her PhD project in that research area, she is supported by a grant from the Elitenetzwerk Bayern (Elite Network Bavaria). As a member of the CUBE-G project, she also investigates culture-specific nonverbal behavior. In the IRIS network of excellence she applied her research to the domain of Interactive Digital Storytelling.

Felix Kistler is a PhD student at the Augsburg University, Germany. He graduated in computer science at the Augsburg University in 2010. In his diploma thesis he implemented and evaluated a level of detail based behavior control for intelligent virtual agents. Before, he completed an internship at the game development studio Related Designs (Mainz, Germany), where he worked on the popular strategy game Anno 1404 . His main research interests are Human Computer Interaction, Game Programming and Computer Graphics.