This web report provides deliverable D7.1 Assessment Approach and Evaluation Instruments for the eCUTE – education and Cultural Understanding Technology Enhanced – project.  This web report provides a brief summary of the evaluation within the workpackages and the main focus of Deliverable 7.1, the evaluation approach and instruments under development to evaluate the showcase applications (MIXER & TRAVELLER) developed within WP6.

The eCUTE project aims to explore a wide range of technical, educational, interaction, psychological and socio-cultural issues. To support this, evaluation occurs throughout the project, both within the workpackages and then as the major theme of WP7. In WP7, the primary aim is to evaluate diverse interdisciplinary issues in a coherent manner with users interacting with eCUTE’s integrated R&D output, provided through the showcases developed in WP6.

eCUTE  involves extensive involvement of users during the application development lifecycle, with users participating in evaluation throughout this process. We will engage a wide range of users and stakeholders, including policy makers, educationalists, researchers, teachers, parents, children, young adults, etc. in the development and implementation of the eCUTE assessment approach and the evaluation of the two showcases.

Within eCUTE, our aim is not only to evaluate the user experience of innovative technology enhanced learning and the holistic impact of eCUTE R&D on the user, but further to investigate both the R&D team’s and the users’ experience of evaluation, with the aim of creating an effective assessment approach.

This website is divided into the following sections:

Transmedia Evaluation

Provides an overview of the focus of the evaluation approach developed in eCUTE.

Implementing Transmedia Evaluation

Details the approach to generating a Transmedia Evaluation.

Transmedia Evaluation in Action

Gives examples of using Transmedia Evaluation in the eCUTE Project.

Evaluation within Workpackages

Briefly summarises the evaluation occurring within the Work Packages.

Future Evaluation Activities

Provides information on planned evaluation activity in years 2 and 3 of the project.